Dell Coupon Codes

How to make the most out of your Dell Coupon Codes

There is more then meets the eye when it comes to finding discounts online, you have to watch out for a few red flags when browsing for codes. You will notice a lot of sites won’t let you copy and paste the coupon from their site, they want you to click it and then that takes you to the official Dell site giving them an affiliate commission, these sites don’t have your best interest in mind, they’ll do anything to get you to buy. Good sites that let you copy and paste Dell coupon codes gain no commission from the sale so you know the products they are promoting or showcasing are good recommendations.

Many times there will be multiple codes to chose from, and since you generally can’t “combine” 2 discounts you want to make sure when you check-out you use the best one to save you the most money. For example, if you have a 30% off promotional key and a “take $20 total order” coupon, you will need to break out your calculator and see which of the two gives the most savings.

Finding Dell Coupon Codes

There are multiple places you can find these discounts. First we’ll talk about the most convenient avenue, that would be finding them online. Many 3rd party sites will have a wide variety of choices. You may be asking yourself, why not just use the official coupons listed on Dell’s official website? Why it’s smart to check their first, you have to keep in mind that sometimes 3rd party websites will feature an even bigger discount or even a special promotion available only through their website with bigger savings with special Dell coupon codes. Moving on to offline methods of finding deals, you should always be sure to cross reference your prices with promo’s that are taking place in your local newspaper. You may find the exact same product you having in your online shopping cart is being sold at the local electronics store for equal or lesser value then listed online. If it’s equal value it’s still an improvement because you won’t have to wait for it to be shipped to your house you will be able to pick it up immediately. Also just to note, if you are a subscriber of a computer-related magazine or feel inclined to pick up an issue you may find special subscriber only discounts that can save you a bundle. One last option you can explore that may or may not work depending on which representative you talk to is “price matching”. Price matching is where you find a similar item made by a competing company that is listed at a lower price and see if Dell will match it. I’d like to add, lastly to always make sure you check to see if the Dell coupon codes you are intending to used are not expired. There is nothing more dissapointing then being all ready to check out with your new purcahse to find out that discount you were counted on is no longer eligible. Happy Bargain Hunting